• Receive 4 weeks of video trainnings

  • Receive 4 additional weeks of mentorship with your personal coach.

  • Learn 2 organic growth strategies on Instagram.

  • Learn and utilize proven monetization strategies on Social Media.

  • Get access to the follow-up worksheets and start your own Social Media career.



  • 1

    WEEK 1

    • Instagram Monetization Strategies

    • Understanding Instagram

    • Comment Blitz

    • Week 1 GAME PLAN

  • 2

    WEEK 2

    • Instagram Monetization Strategies + Features

    • Stalker Account / Grouping

    • Selling Processes / Selling Service


  • 3

    WEEK 3


Featured Instructor

Social Media Expert

Ivan Valor

Ivan is a Social Media Expert with 7 years of experience as Influencer, Content Creator and Travel Blogger. Previously, he worked as Export Manager for a Winery in Spain, which allowed him to travel the world and visit many destinations. The last couple of years, Ivan was set to develop a career in Social Media and he enrolled at the Online University of Barcelona to study a Master in Digital Marketing. Following his ambitions, he enrolled in 17 online courses oriented to learn how to generate income as Digital Nomad, as well as the various ways to monetize his social media profiles. Now, Ivan has a good reputation as Social Media Instructor and has taught 49 students so far.


Course Bonuses

In addition to full course access you will also receive:

  • Sales Tools

    You will receive the best tools and advice in order for you to fulfil more sales and expand your online business. The tools we teach can be used for both personal and business Social Media accounts.

  • Online Community Access

    Join us and our previous students to learn from our cumulative experience which you can then apply to your business. Be able to skip the mistakes that we have already made for you. Become an expert just like us.

  • One to one coaching sessions

    Unlimited coaching time with Ivan Valor, use these sessions to ask your questions, elaborate more on the course material and assess what more you can do to reach your full potential.

What people are saying:

Best decision I made this year!


I decided to enrol on this course to up my Instagram game and holy shit I don't regret it. I have already made the investment of the course price back ten times over in the past 7 months. Can't wait to continue


  • Can I utilise the skills on this course to grow my personal instagram account?

    Absolutely, this course can be utilised for both personal and business growth.

  • Is this course helpful for Influencers?

    Ofcourse! This course is perfect for influencers online and will help you monetise your account. No more exchanges and deals for free dinners, this course will help you see actual cash in your bank account.

  • How long does the course take?

    On average the course takes 4 weeks. After this I will coach you for an additional 4 weeks to help you utilise the skills and techniques you have learnt. I will help you to make sure you area applying them correctly and making the most